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360 View of Logic Curve Pillow

Logic Curve Pillow with fully adjustable Air/Water base bladder. The pillow is adjustable for thickness and support. It accommodates for shape of the users neck and head. The logic Curve Pillow provides support in back or side sleeping positions

Custom Adjust Lock System

 Logic Back | Posture Corrector | Posture Support | Lumbar Support

The Logic Curve Pillow provides Support and Comfort in any sleeping position. The triple insert with 7D fiber provides dynamic responsiveness and adaptability to a variety of sleeping positions. The adjustable base chamber provides easy modification of pillow height.

1. Improve sleeping posture

2. Reduce neck and head pain

3. Relieve muscle tension/fatigue

4. Adaptable to size of the individual

5. Supports the cervical spine in the neutral position

6. Comfortable

100% Cotton Cover

Soft and Comfortable

Adjustable design


Removable Insert

 Logic Back | Posture Corrector | Posture Support | Lumbar Support

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