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Logicback FAQ

Q. How do I set up the Logic Back?

A. For best results, please refer to the VIDEO ON How To Use the LOGICBACK CUSTOM POSUTRE SUPPORT. The adjustable straps inside the logicback can be individually adjusted to accommodate your unique lumbar shape.


Q. Where can I use the LogicBack?

A. The logic Back can be used with most office chairs, a couch, or in most vehicles. The Logic Back is ergonomically designed to fit most furniture and office/desk.     chairs


Q. Can I use the LogicBack without the back strap?

A. Yes, if the Logic back can fit snug against the back of your seat , you can use it with or without the back strap, making sure not to sit on the side legs.


Q. If I feel uncomfortable using it what should I do?

A. If you are uncomfortable at first, try unlocking the strap mechanism until you begin to get used to your new posture. It is common to feel discomfort at first while your posture is changing. It may take up to a few weeks to get used to your new posture as it is correcting.


Q. Do I have to re-adjust the Logic back if I take it to another chair?

A. Due to a large variety of chairs, the LogicBack may have to be re-adjusted slightly for each chair. This is one of the main benefits of the LogicBack support, it can be modified to accommodate your spine.


Q. Can I wash the cover of the Logic Back support?

A. No, the cover is removable but very difficult to slip back on.

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