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Necessity is the mother of all invention

Soon after graduating with their Doctor of Chiropractic degrees in 1990, Dr. John Jaskot and Dr. Juliana Haddad Jaskot realised that their patient’s posture played a crucial role in their overall health. Poor posture causes headaches and muscle tension. Good posture energizes and increases productivity. They discovered the concept of Effortless Neutral Posture where a person’s standing spinal shape is maintained when sitting. This concept requires the lumbar spine and pelvis to be supported in an ideal position. Most of the sitting furniture on the market is not designed to match the unique shape of each individual, and therefore poor posture is the common consequence.

The search for a lumbar support that would fulfill patient’s needs took a few years of trials, designs, and experiments. The existing supports on the market did not provide the correct support, were big and bulky, or were of poor quality. Their search finally led to the invention of the LogicBack custom posture support, the issue of the US Patent # 7651163 and the CAN Patent #2506715 and their registration of the LogicBack Inc. Corporation.

In July 2013, a peer-reviewed clinical study was published in the Journal of Chiropractic and Manual Therapies demonstrating that the LogicBack support corrects lumbar-pelvic posture and reduces back pain. (

LogicBack allows any chair or seat to be transformed into a perfect ergonomic support. LogicBack compliments the rest of the chair or seat and adds only the support where needed. In addition, every LogicBack is packaged with an illustrated education material about posture and a set of stretches designed to help with attaining perfect posture.

In 2017 they have introduced the New Logic Curve Pillow!
The patented technology of the Logic Curve Pillow gently lifts, supports and corrects your neck posture while you sleep, to relieve neck pain and reduce muscle stiffness in the morning.
With an option of choosing AIR or WATER in the base chamber, as well as optional Bamboo supports, you can adjust the Logic Curve Pillow to your desired comfort, firmness and height. The Logic Curve Pillow adjusts to your neck shape as you change sleeping positions and is ideal for sleeping on your back and/or side.
The design of the pillow interior allows for enhanced and proportional displacement of the Air or Water in the base chamber towards the neck area, providing better support.
Get the great sleep you’ve been dreaming about with the New Logic Curve Pillow!
Your health depends on it!

Dr. John Jaskot and Dr. Juliana Haddad Jaskot continue in private practice and teach patients and their families the Effortless Neutral Posture.

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